Life, it’s such a complicated, beautiful, fragile thing. Family, love, social, friends, and professional are just some of the sections that make up one life. But, what do all these sections have in common? People. People you encounter throughout your entire life who will come and go, but the special people you meet will stick with you and be apart of your life forever.

Shane Kernan had this special person that stuck with him through thick and thin! They were the best of friends until tragically this friendship was cut short with the death of his best friend Kester Thomas. It was a shock to everyone who knew him or had the pleasure of meeting, as he was truly a remarkable man! Not only amongst his peers but within the London Bar scene.

Shane and Kester weren’t just best friends but work colleagues too. They often visualised of how they would have certain things in a bar and how cool it would be to have a bar in a specific way. So 2 years on from the passing of Kester, Shane is opening a bar in the memory and name of Kester Thomas, it’s located at Number 9 Studiestræde Copenhagen. Celebrating the unique creativeness that Kester possessed, the bar has been designed with his thoughts in mind. With classic Champagne cocktails and a marvellous wine and sprit collection, we know that Kester would be giving it the thumbs up.