A chat in the station

I've been clean for 5 years, no more addiction.

What were you addicted to?

What wasn't I addicted to? But see...alcohol is the worst poison...this I can't get rid of.

I leave the bottles here in the corner so animals don't hurt themselves with them and whoever needs them can take them.

That's nice of you.

I broke 4 ribs at Norreport St. Fell down the stairs...but I'm not being a wuss about it.

It's hard to get around in a wheelchair though...places aren't built for it.

I have a daugher... She's goes to University in Copenhagen!

What does she study?

She's studying to be a priest!

Really? Same as my boyfriend. They might be classmates.

That's cool, but she doesn't believe in it. She knows how talk about it though.

*He quoted something in Sanskrit*

What does that mean?

I don't know, but it sounds smart!

I have to get on the train now, nice talking to you. I shook his hand and he said:

You know why your hands are cold? Because your heart is warm.